Duxburys Garden Services Near Preston Lancashire

Duxburys Garden Services are based in Lancashire, near Preston. Watch the video below to learn more.

Duxburys Garden Services

lawn mowing services

Lawn Mowing

Mowing nice straight lines will add an air of luxury to your garden, it takes skill to mow beautiful straight lines. A sharp blade is necessary for a great finish.

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Strimming Services tool

Strimming The Edges

The job of a strimmer is to mow your grass where the lawn mower cannot reach, such as corners, and up against walls or edges. An even finish is a must.

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Edging The Lawn

Whilst mowing your lawn its always best practice to edge the over hanging grass. The use of a mechanical edger ensures a great finish.

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Weeding and Hoeing

Weeding and hoeing the flower beds on a regular basis keeps your garden looking good all year round. Its takes a lot of discipline and a lot more skill too.

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Shrubs and Hedges

When it comes to trimming your shrubs and hedges its always a good idea to ensure that the blades are sharpened properly and it makes for a great finish.

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Weed Killing

Stubborn weeds like dandelions really need to have their roots killed off. A systemic weed killer with glyphosate sprayed on to the weeds works the best.

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