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Gravel Gardens

Gravel Gardens

Gravel Gardens

A lot of our customers are now contacting us to design and install a low maintenance garden. We are finding that our customers want to enjoy their gardens. They don’t want to be a slave to them.

Gravel gardens are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. In particular the Mediterranean style gravel garden is proving a hit with our customers.

We liaise with our customers with a number of different gravel garden ideas. This is to help them reach a decision on the style they want.

Styles vary, with a simple gravel garden with low maintenance plants being very popular. Feature points can also be placed in the garden such as a wooden structure.

Gravel comes in many colours from white, through the whole spectrum of colour, you can see examples of which at Duxburys Garden Centre.

The gravel can be used to provide a canvas for various styles of planting schemes, an additional service that we provide, which will give you vibrancy and colour in your gravel garden through the seasons.

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