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Conifer Reduction

Conifer Reduction

Conifer Reduction, Reshaping & Felling

Conifer reduction is usually required when a hedge that was planted many years ago and has grown far higher than required. This makes them difficult and dangerous to maintain.

Pruning conifers is vital to maintain their shape and height. Conifers became popular in the United Kingdom many years ago. At the time they were considered as an excellent way to form a natural fence between land boundaries.

The challenge these days is that conifers need to be maintained regularly or they will grow out of control. This can cause you problems with depleting the soil nutrients, damaging nearby structures or blocking light to your home or your neighbours property

Depending on where you live you may also be subject to local authority laws. There have been cases where a garden owner has fallen foul of the law, when a new neighbour arrives who does not like the height of the conifers that blocks out their light.

We can reduce your conifers to the height that you require, trim the sides and remove all waste. All our waste is recycled.

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