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Pruning & Reshaping


Duxburys Tree Pruning & Re-Shaping

Our qualified tree surgeons are carrying out lots of crown raising and thinning. Crown thinning and crown raising are a friendly way of letting more light in and to remove crossing or rubbing branches that could affect the health of the tree.

So why would people use a tree company to prune and reshape your trees?

Even the very dangerous high level tree climbing tasks that include pruning large overhanging branches that can go over your home or over the street can seem at first easy to the do it yourself guy or the jobbing gardener. It’s only later, that tree surgeons like Duxburys get the phone call to finish off the work on a tree. It is much more hazardous than is thought.

We perform pruning and dead wood removal to British and European standards for tree work BS3998. This gives general recommendations for tree work, including management options for established trees and overgrown hedges. It also covers safety and planning aspects, scheduling tree work, management of the rooting environment, pruning and related work, treatment of wounds and other injuries and management of decay – cavities and water pockets, management of weak structures, tree felling and stump management and completion of work.

By following this standard Duxburys ensure that all pruning techniques minimise branch wounds that could cause branch failure.

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