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Tree Felling

Many of the native trees of the United Kingdom can reach heights of over six metres (twenty feet) and more. In a natural woodland setting this is fine.

However in a domestic garden this might cause problems if your trees are not maintained well or if you have problems with a neighbour.

In some cases trees can get to such a size that the only way to manage them is through safe and professional tree removal.

Tree Stump Removal

Our trained staff are available all year round to assist with the safe removal of Tree Stumps.

Such work should always be carried out by a professional to ensure that there are no problems later on down the line.

Duxburys Tree Stump Removal is an important part of the Tree Surgery side of the business. Call today for a fee quote.

Frank Says:

Being confident that your Tree Work will be done to the highest standard is very important. Tree care should always be carried out by trained staff to ensure a safe and proper job!

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