12 Months Garden Maintenance Program

12 Months Garden Maintenance Program

We have lots of clients call us for different reasons as to why they would like to explore our 12 months garden  maintenance program. Many people simply don’t have the time to do a good garden job.We often come across clients who have lost a loved one who was very able and interested in making their garden  look good all year round. A bigger problem these days is reliability with  some gardeners letting their customers down.  Sadly this happens a lot and we have the proven  solution to fix this problem.

Below is a standard program for gardening activities throughout the year which when done properly will cover almost every gardens requirements. When we use the words done properly what does that mean? Well the obvious point is mowing. Most gardening companies can do a decent job of mowing but they tend to struggle with strimming and also loose heart when it comes to the beds. Often leaving a good chunk left undone for next time. The correct way is to do all of the jobs when they need doing and that includes turning all of the soil on every visit.

12 months garden maintenance
A lovely garden in spring

April to October –Fortnightly Visits

Mowing, Strimming and Edging

Weeding and Hoeing

Any Necessary Trimming to Shrubs

and Hedges x 2

Weed Killing to Hard Areas

November to March– Monthly

Same as above when necessary

Winter Pruning to Shrubs

Leaf Clearance